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The soubrette participates in a sex plan with 4 bourgeois people where she works


A bourgeois couple invites a friend to dinner. They plan to kiss the maid who is a beautiful brunette with a huge pair of natural breasts and a luscious body. They intend to kiss her in double penetration and to put the account to him as well as to the bourgeois of course. By dint of persuasion and irrefutable arguments, the young maid accepts and quickly finds herself naked on all fours in the process of enjoying the slobbering rump while kissing the mistress of the house. Here we go for a fuck in asshole four at the bourgeois where she works. Her big boobs will move in all directions to the rhythm of the dicks she takes in the ass and double penetration. She will share the sperm received in the mouth with her boss.

Date: April 10, 2020